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Sales Growth

At 220 Cornerstone, we understand how important filling the sales funnel is. Our team is solely focused on helping connect healthcare vendors with providers / other service organizations and, with years of award-winning experience, we understand the landscape and speak the language.

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Executive Excellence

Managing people requires suitable leadership skills and a 'spirit' to lead. Since effective leadership is not an innate quality, it requires an intentional passion and commitment to be good at it. The 220 Cornerstone Leadership team provides a variety of services to help you and your organization grow from Good to Great. 

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We believe there’s an art to breaking into the healthcare market as a new venture, or as an established company seeking to expand its market footprint. It’s a highly competitive space, so you need a range of creative (and we’d argue, disruptive) methods to get your brand established and sales pipeline moving. 

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How Do You Transition From Good To Great?

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For Your Success

This time of year, many organizations are attempting to tug on your heartstrings.  From orphan animals to orphan children and homeless adults, it is intensified right now. How are you responding...


It may seem like a strange question to ask…which tribes are you in?  Normally, such a question would be more like which tribe are you from?  In this case, however, I believe it is...


Last Sunday was Veteran’s Day. It is a special day in the US. Veterans Day is an official public holiday observed annually on November 11, honoring military veterans who served in the U.S...